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In private lessons students will have detailed, individual focus depending on their specific needs. Each private lesson is custom made for each student allowing them to develop their real voice.  Through various exercises and warm ups, students will have the opportunity to explore their entire voice.   Along with building great vocal technique, students will have the space to release any limitations they hold and have freedom to explore and express their entire voice. One on one lessons provide the best opportunity for students, of all levels, to discover their uniqueness and style as well as get support needed to reach their desired goals and potential.  


  • How to develop the whole voice

  • Proper breathing

  • Warm-ups

  • Technique

  • Dynamics

  • Stamina and endurance

  • How to communicate through song

  • Breaking through vocal and mental blocks and barriers

  • How to interpret a song

  • Cultivating an individual sound

  • Building a repertoire for auditions

  • How to build a repertoire for auditions


Have questions about getting started with voice lessons or want an assessment of your voice?  Jennie offers a FREE ten minute phone or online consultation to get you started on the right vocal path.  To schedule a free consultation click the contact button below. 


Jennie offers different time increments for vocal lessons depending on each individuals needs.  

  • One forty minute INTRODUCTORY lesson

  • Half Hour lessons

  • Forty-five Minute lessons

  • Hour lessons

Lessons may be purchased by the month (four lessons) or by package.  When purchasing an eight, ten, or custom package, students automatically receive a 10% discount.  For more information regarding times and pricing please click the Contact button below.



Can't make it to a voice lesson in person?  Online voice lessons via Skype or Face Time are offered to singers who live outside of Los Angeles and singers who can't make an in person lesson but need a last minute coaching for an audition.   Online lessons cover the same detailed techniques and warm ups as in person sessions and oare available in increments of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. For pricing and information on private voice lessons via Skype or FaceTime, please inquire via the Contact button!

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