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In all group classes students will come away with a sense of confidence, development of their unique real voice, breaking vocal barriers, blocks, and/or mental habits, respect for themselves as a singer.  They will also receive support and encouragement in their singing and performing.

  • Basic technique

  • Warm-ups

  • How to apply technique to song

  • How to interpret the song

  • How to communicate through song



Group Vocal Class

In these sessions students will learn useful warm-ups and exercises at the group level. Using effective methods and dynamics as well as applying vocal technique to songs, students will learn how to break through mental blocks and barriers, interpret and communicate through song. Each student will have the opportunity to breakdown their individual song having a detailed work session with notes and adjustments.



Performance Workshop

To be a well-rounded performer it is not just important to be a singer with great vocal technique, but it's also important have great dynamics on stage or in the recording studio. In the performance workshop class students will learn how to finesse the art of performing the song. Each student will have the opportunity to explore their song on stage, releasing any limitation they may experience. By learning how to communicate their song effectively with intention, students will develop the confidence to perform in any musical situation. This two-hour class will provide the space for students to explore:


  • Acting for the song

  • Blocking

  • Mic technique

  • Owning their space on stage

  • Expressing the song as the character

      (Musical Theater)

  • Dynamics

  • Breaking through nerves and habits

  • Song preparation for auditions



Students perform in a concert with a live band showcasing themselves as a performer. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work through a live performance. It offers the students an attainable goal, provides the opportunity to work with other musicians and gives them the tools to know how to step into more of a professional musical environment. Concerts would coincide with private or group classes as well as performance workshop classes. Students would specifically work on one to two songs in for the concert performance. Students would be accompanied by a live band. They would get a 360 experience of what its like to put on a “show” as opposed to just singing for a recital.



Voice Over Sessions & Workshop

In this class students will have the opportunity to get started in the world of voice overs. They will learn the tricks and trade of getting behind the mic for commercial and/or animation voice acting. Students will learn effective exercises, learn how to break down copy, bring themselves out in the reading, and characters off the page.


  • What voice over work is

  • Mic technique 

  • Breaking down commercial copy

  • Breaking down animation copy

  • Acting for voice overs

  • Listening to playback of their recording

A commitment of one month is required to create a safe environment for students to explore and ensure time to build technique.



Camp sessions are offered by the day or by week. Similar to group sessions, vocal camp consists of group singing class, group performance workshop class, and individual work. Each camp may focus on a specific theme (i.e. Musical Theater, Pop/Rock, Disney, Music Video). At the end of the week, students will have an opportunity to showcase their work through a live performance or music video.

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