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Shanelle Gray

Owner of Gray Studios

Jennie is consistently my referral voice coach of choice; my students are super happy and Jennie is very talented! She also has a way of communicating with her students that is unparalleled! I would refer her any day of the week!

Diyanna Butler


Jennie Kwan is a vocal muse. She has taught me how to use my voice in ways I didn't know were possible. She has been a big help in building my confidence and I have definitely become more comfortable on stage. She encourages me to take risk.

Matthew B. Ramos


Jennie Kwan is the Tony Robbins of vocal coaches. She's passionate and always on her students' side. When I go to her studio I know I will be getting a vocal workout like no other. I always leave feeling stronger and more confident.


Joe Pinzon

Creator/Producer of Filament

I was having trouble with my technique, which made me lose confidence in my singing. Jennie was able to pinpoint my problems quickly and gave me the tools to not only get my voice to where it should be, but also help me remember how to keep it there.

Doran Butler


Jennie goes above and beyond to encourage my growth as not only a singer, but as an artist too. I'm very grateful to have her on my team.

Tyler Crumley


I have been working with Jennie Kwan for almost a year. I love her teaching style, she makes my lessons fun and is always offering new warm ups and techniques. I live in Atlanta and love to work with her while my family and I are in LA, but also appreciate that we can continue to work with her over SKYPE. My vocals have really improved this past year and I have better understanding of how to use my voice. Thanks!

Kristin Garrett

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Five Wheel Drive, Kaedmon

I have been a professional singer for many years. In the last few years, I felt unsure about my voice and I was struggling with breathing problems too. Jennie ran me through a bunch of breathing exercises as well as vocal exercises to stretch out my range again. She really helped me to get “back in the saddle” and she really improved my confidence. Jennie is very knowledgeable—all those years on the road in musicals, etc, really show. I would highly recommend her as a vocal coach to singers of all ages.

kendall yakshe.jpg

Kendall Yakshe


In the two years I have been studying with Jennie, she has helped my voice grow and improve so much. I feel so much more confident when I sing now, thanks to her coaching. She's able to easily spot your weaknesses in your voice and helps you strengthen those weaknesses. In addition to that, she has also coached me with stage performance and coming alive when performing. She has such a kind personality and will help you with anything you need.

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